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Gretchen Chapman, Ph.D.
Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research
Professor, Department of Psychology

gretchen.chapman@rutgers.edu, (848) 932-5873

Gretchen Chapman (PhD 1990 U Penn) is a Professor of Psychology in the School of Arts & Sciences, Rutgers University and currently serves as Acting Co-Director of the Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science. Her research combines judgment and decision making with health psychology to examine the decision processes underlying preventive health behaviors such as vaccination, physical activity, and healthy diet. Some of her studies manipulate the decision environment using defaults, frames, and goals and examine the effects on health behavior. For example, patients who are automatically scheduled for a flu shot appointment (which they can cancel) are more likely to get vaccinated than patient who are not automatically schedule but who can make an appointment. She is an APA early career award and a NJ Psychological Association Distinguished Research Award, and she is a fellow of APA and APS. She is a senior editor at Psychological Science, the past president of the Society for Judgment & Decision Making, the author of more than 100 journal articles, the recipient of 20-years of continuous external funding, and a former Department Chair. Gretchen


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