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Academic Excellence Fund to Support Center for Obesity Research and Intervention

With an award from the Academic Excellence Fund, a Center for Obesity Research and Intervention (Michael Friedman, Principal Investigator) will be established at the Institute. This new Center will address one of the most important public health challenges currently facing the nation. This interdisciplinary effort will address, in an integrated fashion, research on obesity from the cellular level to social influences, design and testing of interventions, and policy considerations. Faculty and students from several Rutgers departments, from UMDNJ, and ultimately, faculty collaborators at other universities will be involved. The aims of this center will be to: 1) Create an interdisciplinary environment for the study of obesity that includes and integrates biological, behavioral, and socio-cultural perspectives, as well as both human and animal-based research; 2) Develop models of self-regulation in obesity that focus on developing integrated bio-psycho-social models of the etiology of obesity and the mechanisms by which it is linked to chronic disease; and 3) Develop, test, and disseminate theoretically-derived obesity management programs focusing on individual, community, and population-based interventions aimed at managing the obesity epidemic.

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