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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awards Center for State Health Policy $3,020,000 to continue informing health policy in New Jersey

The Center for State Health Policy (CSHP) was awarded a $3,020,000 renewal to continue advancing its New Jersey mission in informing state health policy. Since 1999, the Foundation has invested over $20 million in core funding for the Centerís operation and infrastructure. The CSHP will pursue five inter-related, multiple projects with these additional resources: continue rapid turnaround policy analysis, research, and expert consultation in response to the immediate needs of New Jersey policy decision-makers; advance the Culture of Health (CoH) perspective in pursuit of the Centerís mission; expand the Centerís core data infrastructure through data linkages for the study of social determinants of health; enhance strategic communication and translation of research findings of importance to health policy development in the state; and leverage opportunities and respond to challenges prompted by the ongoing University restructuring and the funding environment.

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