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The Center for State Health Policy is Grantee for Evaluating the Six-Site Transforming Complex Care Initiative

The Center for State Health Policy (CSHP) has been selected as the technical assistance/evaluation grantee for the six-site Transforming Complex Care (TCC) initiative with Derek DeLia as principal Investigator. The TCC initiative is led by the Center for Health Care Strategies with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The CSHP will coordinate their efforts closely with the Center for Health Care Strategies. In a two-year effort, the CSHP will assist the TCC sites to design and implement their own internal evaluations and conduct in-depth outcome evaluations of selected sites. This work builds on the experience that the CSHP gained over the past few years leading and studying the NJ Medicaid ACO project, high-utilizer care coordination work under their Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) Health Care Innovation Award and related projects.

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