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Bringing the Social Sciences to Health Policy: An Appreciation of David Mechanic

This collection of essays is a special one to sociology and to interdisciplinary research and a tribute to David Mechanic who has been a pioneering leader in the social and behavioral sciences of health, health services and health and mental health policy for almost sixty years. Edited by Carol A. Boyer and Bradford H. Gray, twenty-three interdisciplinary scholars reflect the diversity of Davidís policy-relevant scholarship in examining major policy challenges: predicaments and promises of health care reform in the ACA; the rise of primary care physicians in delivering mental health care; lessons, opportunities and challenges in payment reform by states; potency of the intergovernmental lobby in funding Medicaid long-term care; economics and transformation of the mental health system; reflections on the Medicare Hospice Benefit; historical impasse in psychiatryís diagnostic classification system; social determinants and racial/ethnic disparities in health; interventions to reduce racial/ethnic disparities in health; preserving trustworthiness in payment and organizational reforms; stigma, an unrecognized determinant, of population health; evolving concepts of patient-centered care: optimism and opposition; the impact of Olmstead in securing civil rights for persons with disabilities; and partisan politics and the dynamics of race and ethnicity in contemporary health policy. Included in the volume is an essay by David Mechanic, Margaret Marsh and Allan Horwitz honoring the life and work of "Gerald N. Grob: 1931-2015: Definition of a Mensch."

Carol A. Boyer and Bradford H. Gray. (2016). Special Issue: Bringing the Social Sciences to Health Policy: An Appreciation of David Mechanic. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 41(4): 489-863.

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