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Margaret Marsh and Wanda Ronner Receive RWJF Investigator Award

Margaret Marsh, Ph.D., Rutgers University and Wanda Ronner, M.D., University of Pennsylvania have been awarded a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award in Health Policy Research. The title of their project is "Infertility and Assisted Reproduction from the Development of in vitro Fertilization to the Present - Medicine, Culture, Policy, and Practice."

In the United States, societal conflicts surrounding reproductive technology have been so profound and divisive that the nation, unable to develop a national policy on assisted reproduction, has by default agreed to let the market determine access to these services. For more than three decades health policy leaders, legislators, practitioners, academics, lawyers and others have been discussing often heatedly the ethics, medical consequences, costs, and social and political implications of infertility treatments and reproductive technologies, without being able to develop any national consensus. This project seeks to understand both how this situation came about and what might be done to change it.

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