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Ongoing Studies at the Clinical Research Center

The Clinical Research Center within the Institute is home to two innovative psychosocial, mind-body studies and one biomarker study. Dr. Danielle McCarthy is developing and refining treatments to help people stop smoking cigarettes. Dr. McCarthy’s research focuses on the psychological changes that people experience leading up to and during an attempt to quit smoking and ways in which treatments do (or do not) affect these experiences.

Dr. Edward Selby is examining the emotional and physiological reactions to stress and the emotional and cognitive effects of consuming various kinds of food on the stress response. Another study examines the responses of patients with borderline personality disorder, bulimia and depression during an experimental mood induction with the goal of identifying unique emotional and physiological responses for each disorder.

Dr. Kristen Springer’s research group explores health-seeking outcomes combining the use of both psychological measures with surveys of attitudes and behaviors and physiological reactions with cortisol levels, testosterone levels, heart rate, respiration and blood pressure in experimentally manipulated conditions.

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