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Kristen W. Springer's research covered by local, national, and international news

Kristen W. Springer's research on masculinity and men's healthcare seeking was recently covered by over 35 news outlets including USA Today, LA Times, and MSNBC.

Springer and Rutgers colleague Dawne Mouzon, a sociology graduate student, examined data from 1,000 middle-aged men who participated in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study in 2004. The researchers looked at participants' masculinity beliefs, socioeconomic status and compliance with three commonly recommended annual healthcare procedures for middle-aged men: a physical exam, flu shot and prostate examination.

Men who strongly endorsed macho ideals were 26 percent less likely than other participants to have received a physical exam in the prior year, nearly 30 percent less likely to have completed a prostate exam and nearly 50 percent less likely to have obtained all three preventive services in the prior year.

While previous research has shown higher socioeconomic status promotes better health, the new research found that wasn't the case for men who strongly believed in stereotypical masculinity ideals.

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