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Louise Russell featured on Columbia Journalism Review online

In four recent posts on the Columbia Journalism Review, contributing editor Trudy Lieberman has used Professor Louise Russell's research to explore the role of prevention in medical spending and raise questions about the claims being made for it in the health reform debate. The most recent post, "Pelosi, Prevention, and PBS: Is Madame Speaker Misinformed?" (Columbia Journalism Review online, July 31, 2009) is available here.

The second post, "Sen. Schumer, Meet Louise Russell: What’s This about Preventative Care Saving Money?" (Columbia Journalism Review online, July 22, 2009) can be read here.

Based on a memo written by Louise Russell and Jon Oberlander, the third post, "Memo to Sen. Barbara Boxer - and Journalists Too" (Columbia Journalism Review online, June 30, 2009) can be read here.

The fourth post, "Excluded Voices: An Interview with Rutgers Professor Louise Russell" (Columbia Journalism Review online, June 16, 2009) can be read here.

Two additional articles might be of interest: LB Russell, “Preventing Chronic Disease: An Important Investment, But Don’t Count on Cost Savings,” Health Affairs, vol. 28, no. 1, January/February 2009, 42-45 and LB Russell, “Prevention’s Potential for Slowing the Growth of Medical Spending,” a report distributed by the National Coalition on Health Care, Washington DC, October 2007. Available at http://www.nchc.org. (look under Materials/Studies and Reports/)

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