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Louise B. Russell to Speak to the Board of the National Coalition on Health Care

Dr. Louise B. Russell will give a presentation, "Preventionís Potential to Slow the Growth of Medical Spending" to the Board of the National Coalition on Health Care on Wednesday, October 3, 2007, in Washington, DC. Dr. Russell will address the common belief that spending more on prevention vaccines, medications to modify risk factors, screening, and lifestyle changes could slow the rapid growth of medical care spending in the U.S. Updating her past work with a review of recent cost-effectiveness studies, she shows that, in most cases, the costs of a preventive measure outweigh the savings. Prevention can be an excellent investment in better health, but is not likely to change the trajectory of medical expenditures.

The National Coalition on Health Care, a large nonprofit and nonpartisan alliance, brings together large and small businesses, health and pension funds, labor, consumer, religious and primary care provider groups, to work to improve America's health care. Founded in 1990 the Coalition is comprised of more than 70 organizations, employing or representing about 150 million Americans.

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