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New Institute Faculty Member

Emily A. Greenfield is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work (PhD, Human Development and Family Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007). Her research draws on data from U.S. national surveys to explore how social relationships across the life course hinder and heighten adultsí experiences of optimal well-being. Her work has addressed a variety of domains of social-relational factors--including parent-child relationships, marital relationships, religious participation, and community involvement--as well as a variety of dimensions of mental and physical health--including negative and positive affect, feelings of purpose in life, obesity, and functional limitations. Much of her work draws on a resilience model to examine how social relationships within one domain interact with relationships in other domains to influence important adult outcomes. For example, as part of her main current research project, she is examining how connectedness to community in adulthood can protect against the long-term mental health risks of having experienced violence from parents in childhood.

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