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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awards Center for State Health Policy $3,020,000 to continue informing health policy in New Jersey
The Center for State Health Policy (CSHP) was awarded a $3,020,000 renewal to continue advancing its New Jersey mission in informing state health policy. ...

Derek DeLia Receives Grant from the Center for Health Strategies for Evaluating its Six State Transforming Complex Care (TCC) Initiative
Derek DeLia, research professor at the Institute’s Center for State Health Policy, ...

Stephen Crystal Awarded 2017 Rutgers Grant in Big Data Analytics
Stephen Crystal has been awarded funding from the 2017 Rutgers Grant Awards in Big ...

The Center for State Health Policy is Grantee for Evaluating the Six-Site Transforming Complex Care Initiative
The Center for State Health Policy (CSHP) has been selected as the technical assistance/evaluation grantee for the six-site Transforming Complex Care ...

Michael Yedidia Awarded RWJF Grant Addressing Support for Building a Culture of Health in NJ Communities
Michael Yedidia has been awarded a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant of $998,900 ...

Daniel Horton Receives National Institute for Health Award for Research on Pharmacoepidemiology
Daniel Horton, assistant professor in the pharmacoepidemiology program at the Institute ...

Recent Publications
Treating the Child or Syndrome: Does Context Matter for Treatment ...
Kathleen J. Pottick, Xin Tian, Stuart A. Kirk, and Derek K. Hsieh

What Pertussis Mortality Rates Make Maternal Acellular Pertussis ...
Louise B. Russell, Sri Ram Pentakota, Cristiana Maria Toscano, Ben Cosgriff, and Anushua Sinha

Short-term Suicide Risk After Psychiatric Hospital Discharge
Mark Olfson, Melanie Wall, Shuai Wang, Stephen Crystal, Shang-Min Liu, Tobias Gerhard, and Carlos Blanco
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