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Communicating Science with Patients, Providers and Policy Makers: the Role of Narratives and Storytelling
Zachary Meisel
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Faculty Books:
The Gerald Grob Fund for the History of Medicine
The Gerald Grob Fund for the History of Medicine has been established at the Institute for Health to honor Gerry’s magnificent research career and professional leadership. [ More...]

Project L/EARN Marks 25 Years as a Research Program Pipeline
Housed within the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research (IHHCPAR), Project L/Earn features a rigorous, paid 10-week in-residence summer session, and teams interns with program alumni and faculty mentors who teach life, study and graduate-level researching skills. [ More...]

Recruiting Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty in Dissemination and Implementation Science and Henry Rutgers Term Chair in Dissemination and Implementation Science
The Institute for Health is developing a program in Dissemination and Implementation Science and seeks tenured/tenure track faculty with a research focus in this area. [ More...]

Recruiting Tenured/Track Faculty in Health Systems and Clinical Data Analytics
Advances in data analytic and computing capacity, electronic health records, and healthcare quality measurement have dramatically increased the value of research drawing on large medical and healthcare administrative data sets. [ More...]

Stephen Crystal and Colleagues’ Featured Article in Health Affairs Special Issue on Behavioral Health
Significant quality challenges persist in antipsychotic medication use for children in foster care and other Medicaid-insured children according to Stephen Crystal and colleagues’ research, “Rapid Growth of Antipsychotic Prescriptions for Children Who Are Publicly Insured Has Ceased, But Concerns Remain” reported in the June, 2016, issue of Health Affairs. [ More...]

Beth Angell Served on National Academies Committee Recommending Strategy for Eliminating the Stigma of Mental and Substance Abuse Disorders
As part of national efforts to understand and change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that can lead to stigma and discrimination for individuals with mental health and substance abuse disorders, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine was asked to undertake a study of the science of stigma change. [ More...]

First PCORI Grant to an Academic Institution in New Jersey Awarded to Stephen Crystal
Stephen Crystal was awarded a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Grant, “Comparative Effectiveness of State Psychotropic Oversight Systems for Children in Foster Care,” the first PCORI award at an academic institution in New Jersey. [ More...]

Senate Bill Introduced in New Jersey State Legislature to Establish Integrated Health Data System in the Center for State Health Policy
Senate Bill No. 3220 was introduced into the New Jersey State legislature on October 19, 2015 to establish a secure, statewide, integrated, de-identified population health data system (iPHD) at the Center for State Health Policy (CSHP) in the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research. [ More...]

Allan Horwitz to Receive Reeder Award
Congratulations to Allan Horwitz, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, who has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 Leo G Reeder Award. [ More...]

Joel Cantor quoted in NJ Spotlight
Joel Cantor was quoted in NJ Spotlight: “New Jersey Businesses See Sharp Increase in Family Health-Insurance Premiums” offering a possible explanation for why the increase in employer-covered workers is occurring: Workers are choosing to accept employer coverage that they may have turned down previously because they were concerned with the ACA mandate that every American have health insurance or pay a penalty. [ More...]

"Health, Culture, and Society" by Debby Carr and Johanna Schoen is Selected as the First Integrating Themes Course
One of the initiatives announced by President Barchi as part of the implementation of the University Strategic Plan was the creation of University-wide general education courses in the areas of our integrating themes:
• Cultures, Diversity, and Inequality-Local and Global
• Improving the Health and Wellness of Individuals and Populations
• Creating a Sustainable World through Innovation, Engineering, and Technology
• Educating Involved Citizens and Effective Leaders for a Dynamic World
• Creative Expression and the Human Experience

While many interesting and worthwhile proposals were submitted, the course proposed on Health, Culture, and Society, within the area of Improving the Health and Wellness of Individuals and Populations was selected.
[ More...]

Celebrating David Mechanic/Endowment
We honor David Mechanic, eminent sociologist, distinguished scholar, pioneering leader and extraordinary mentor and colleague to recognize the range of his achievements, his 34 years of service to Rutgers and the far-reaching impact he has had on the many people and organizations he has helped advance.

An endowment has been established to recognize David’s lifetime contributions to health research and policy to fund scholarships, fellowships and research studies by faculty.
[ More...]

Publications: All Publications
How Much Time Do Families Spend on the HC of Children with Diabetes?
Jane E. Miller, Colleen Nugent and Louise B. Russell
Introduction: Family time caring for children with diabetes is an overlooked component of the overall burden of the condition. We document and [ More...]

The Relevance of the ACA for Improving Mental Health Care
David Mechanic and Mark Olfson
Provisions of the Affordable Care Act provide unprecedented opportunities for expanded access to behavioral health care and for redesigning the provision [ More...]

Abortion after Roe
Johanna Schoen
Abortion is--and always has been--an arena for contesting power relations between women and men. When in 1973 the Supreme Court made the procedure legal [ More...]

Comparative Effectiveness of Clozapine and Standard Antipsychotic Treatment ...
T. Scott Stroup, Tobias Gerhard, Stephen Crystal, Cecilia Huang, and Mark Olfson
Objective: The authors compared the effectiveness of initiating treatment with either clozapine or a standard antipsychotic among adults with evidence [ More...]

Risk Factors for Family Time Burdens Providing and Arranging Health Care ...
Jane E. Miller, Colleen N. Nugent, and Louise B. Russell
We identify need, enabling, and predisposing factors for high family time burdens associated with the health care of chronically-ill children, using data [ More...]

Which Components of Medical Homes Reduce the Time Burden on Families of ...
Jane E. Miller, Colleen N. Nugent, and Louise B. Russell
Objectives. To examine which components of medical homes affect time families spend arranging/coordinating health care for their children with [ More...]

Lithium Treatment and Risk for Dementia in Adults with Bipolar Disorder: ...
Tobias Gerhard, D. P. Devanand, Cecilia Huang, Stephen Crystal and Mark Olfson
The observational study in this article examines the association of lithium therapy and dementia risk in the largest and most diverse data-set of older [ More...]

Not Tonight: Migraine and the Politics of Gender and Health
Joanna Kempner
Pain. Vomiting. Hours and days spent lying in the dark. Migraine is an extraordinarily common, disabling, and painful disorder that affects over 36 million [ More...]

Happy Marriage, Happy Life? Marital Quality and Subjective Well-being ...
Deborah Carr, Vicki A. Freedman, Jennifer C. Cornman, and Norbert Schwarz
The authors examined associations between marital quality and both general life satisfaction and experienced (momentary) well-being among older husbands [ More...]

More People Than Ever Before Are Receiving Behavioral Health Care In The ...
David Mechanic
The high prevalence of mental illness and substance abuse disorders and their significant impact on disability, mortality, and other chronic diseases [ More...]

Continuity and Change in Relationships with Neighbors: Implications for ...
Emily Greenfield and Laurent Reyes
Objectives. There is growing enthusiasm for community initiatives that aim to strengthen neighbor relationships to promote well-being in later [ More...]

Improving the Quality of Geriatric Nursing Care: Enduring Outcomes from ...
Deanna Gray-Miceli, Laurie Dodge Wilson, Joan Stanley, Rachael Watman, Amy Shire, Shoshanna Sofaer, and Mathy Mezey
The nation’s aging demography, few nursing faculty with gerontological nursing expertise, and insufficient geriatric content in nursing programs have [ More...]

Facilitating Lewin’s Change Model with Collaborative Evaluation in Promoting ...
Julianne Manchester, Deanna L. Gray-Miceli, Judith A. Metcalf, Charlotte A. Paolini, Anne H. Napier, Constance L. Coogle, Myra G. Owens
Evidence based practices (EBPs) in clinical settings interact with and adapt to host organizational characteristics. The contextual factors themselves, [ More...]

Which Components of Medical Homes Reduce Time Burden for Families of Children ...
Jane E. Miller, Colleen Nugent, and Louise B. Russell
Objectives To examine which components of medical homes affect time families spend arranging/coordinating health care for their children with [ More...]

Strategies Used by Older Asthmatics for Adherence
Taylor L. Brooks, Howard Leventhal, Michael S. Wolf, Rachel O’Conor, Jose Morillo, Melissa Martynenko, Juan P. Wisnivesky, and Alex D. Federman.
Taylor Brooks, Project L/EARN intern from the cohort of 2013, published a lead-author paper in the Journal of General Internal Medicine about collaborative [ More...]

Outpatient Psychotropic Medication Use in the US: A Comparison Based on ...
Lynn A. Warner, Na Kyoung Song and Kathleen J. Pottick
Using data from the Client/Patient Sample Survey, a nationally representative study of outpatient mental health service utilization, the prevalence and [ More...]

Clinical Characteristics and Outpatient Mental Health Service Use of Transition-Age ...
Kathleen J. Pottick, Lynn A. Warner, Ann Vander Stoep, and Nelson M. Knight
This study examines diagnostic and service utilization patterns of transition-age youth in outpatient care derived from the 2007 nationally representative [ More...]

The Chicago Guide to Writing about Multivariate Analysis, 2nd Edition
Jane E. Miller
Social scientists, physicians, educators, policymakers, and others depend on the results of multivariate models to inform their decisions. Researchers [ More...]

Anxiety: A Short History (Johns Hopkins Biographies of Disease)
Allan V. Horwitz
More people today report feeling anxious than ever before—even while living in relatively safe and prosperous modern societies. Almost one in five people [ More...]

Mental Health and Social Policy: Beyond Managed Care, 6th edition
David Mechanic, Donna D. McAlpine, David A. Rochefort
Rooted in research findings that support an evidence-based orientation to treatment and recovery, the sixth edition of Mental Health and Social Policy [ More...]

Can Family Relationships Explain the Race Paradox in Mental Health?
Dawne M. Mouzon
Biomedical research consistently finds that Blacks have worse physical health than Whites, an expected pattern given Blacks’ greater exposure to psychosocial [ More...]

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